Here’s a story about how we helped a client optimize their billing system to meet the new business requirements.
The client started their business more than a decade ago. Back then, they offered classic web-hosting solutions to their customers and their billing process was built for this business model.

Since the rapid evolution of the technology, the client soon realized that they needed to transition to cloud SaaS services to meet their customers’ needs and to stay profitable.
Background: Why does a business need to transform its billing process?
  • transform the legacy billing platform,
  • use a pay-as-you-go approach to pricing,
  • add managed service provider features,
  • implement a new billing platform that would support the new business model.
Our clients wanted to achieve several goals:
There were several challenges along the way:

  • The client didn’t have billing platform specialists on their internal team so we needed to build a new team from scratch.
  • The legacy system didn’t have a good infrastructure. There was no proper division of responsibilities between different server roles, no good system for admin access rights, and no automation tools for billing.
  • The legacy system didn’t account for the client's tax status and the place of supply for services.
  • The report preparation process was also very slow.

All of these challenges had to be solved with a new solution.
To make sure that we address the challenges and deliver the best solution for our clients, we built a strong team with expertise in developing billing systems:
On the road to transforming the legacy billing platform
Back-end developers
QA manual testers
UX/UI designer
Front-end developers
DevOps engineer
Project Manage
QA automation testers
We made sure that the team had experience with a wide selection of technologies:
Python, Celery, FastApi, Pydantic, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, MySQL, React, and Vue.
How it works
The new billing platform had all the information the client needed to successfully operate their business: the list of services provided, pricing plans, limits for each plan, memory used, discount system, and other specs.

We also developed a user-friendly builder for marketing professionals who could then use it to create bundles or unique promo offers. Besides, the app was also connected to a bank: all transactions were automatically processed by the platform and categorized depending on the type of payment (prepaid vs. postpaid).
  • Customer satisfaction (NPS) increased by 28% within 3 months after the product launch.
  • The client no longer had to use the cumbersome legacy system.
  • The client's sales department could create service bundles for different customers without involving any developers.
  • They were able to implement a pay-as-you-go pricing model to accommodate the changing needs of their business.
  • The new billing platform helped improve the business workflow in the B2B customer segment and reduced the customer support workload by 40%.
Here are a few benefits of the developed solution:
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