Here’s a short story of how we helped an e-commerce business seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies in their checkout process.
Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives. So it’s no surprise that more and more customers want to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Although not every online store is in a rush to introduce crypto payment options, not having them might lead to increased cart abandonment rates and lost revenue
Background: Why does e-commerce need crypto payments at checkout?
  • Accept payments in different cryptocurrencies.
  • Provide customers with QR codes for quick payment.
  • Avoid unnecessary cryptocurrency exchanges.
Our client wanted to achieve several goals:
While understanding the need for cryptocurrency in their checkout process, the client didn’t want to process cryptocurrencies on their end.

Ideally, they wanted a solution that would allow them to avoid handling the cryptocurrency exchange even if a customer chose this payment option. They wanted to have easily accessible cash that they could use to pay their suppliers or cover other immediate business needs.
We faced a challenge
On the road to developing a fully integrated crypto-acquiring solution
To address this concern, we needed to build a fully integrated solution. For this, we assembled a big team with 8 developers and 1 DevOps that would work exclusively on this project.
Android Java developer
iOS native developer
Vue JS frontend developers
Python back-end developers
Project Manager
QA manual
QA automation
How it works
The developed solution auto-generated unique addresses for every transaction. To pay for products and services, customers could use QR codes or one of their crypto wallets and confirm transactions in just one click. The payments were swiftly processed and recorded in the client’s system with the correct payment type, currency, and status.

On top of this light functionality, we built a more complex integration that would meet the client’s specific requirements. By implementing a full integration, we acted as a third party for our client and processes all crypto payments from our end. In this way, our client avoided exchanges and received money in fiat currencies
(Vue JS)
Android (Java)
  • Our client is now able to accept crypto payments from their customers.
  • They also offer quick one-click payment options that speed up their checkout process.
  • They gained a competitive advantage by providing more flexibility at checkout
Here are a few benefits of the developed solution:
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