In this case, we helped a client to improve and optimize the solution that they already had.
Block explorers help organize the complexity of blockchain data and make it easy to interpret. For example, with a block explorer, a user can check the history of transactions and even verify the contents of a smart contract.

While Etherscan is one of the most popular block explorers, it has a few limitations. It's not customizable and doesn't support multiple blockchains. Besides, since it's a closed-source solution, users often have concerns about how transparent the system is.
Background: Why does a company need a custom block explorer?
  • Build a custom block explorer for the EVM fork.
  • Make sure that the solution has a user-friendly interface.
Our client wanted to achieve several goals:
The client had already built from scratch a closed-sourced blockchain solution that was using the fork of Ethereum. While this solution was working smoothly on the blockchain front, it lacked a user-friendly interface, similar to the likes of Etherscan.

This was causing trouble for non-technical users who spent too much time trying to get the much-needed data from the blockchain.
The challenge
The solution
Our goal was to develop a front-end solution and build a custom and user-friendly block explorer.

For this, we quickly assembled a team of three skillful developers:
React front-end developers
Python back-end developer
  • The client now can view data in any block in their custom blockchain solution.
  • They don’t need to involve developers anymore: a non-technical user can now get data from the block explorer.
Here are a few benefits of the developed solution:
Let’s see how we can help you
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